Department of Engineering Science

Conjoint programmes

The conjoint degree programme is an option that many able students consider. It is an excellent option if you know that the other degree component will be beneficial in your proposed career.

You can combine your study in biomedical engineering / engineering science with a degree programme from another faculty in a conjoint degree. The biomedical engineering / engineering science component of your conjoint degree consists of:

  1. 405 points of study towards your BE.
  2. 90 points at Part I.
  3. 210 points at Parts II and III including ENGGEN 204.
  4. 105 points at Part IV including ENGGEN 403, ENGSCI 700A, and ENGSCI 700B.

The conjoint combinations currently available with engineering are:

  • Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) BA/BE(Hons)
  • Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) BCom/BE(Hons)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) / Bachelor of Property BE(Hons)/BProp
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) / Bachelor of Laws BE(Hons)/LLB
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) / Bachelor of Science BE(Hons)/BSc

The BE/BCom has thus far been the most frequently chosen conjoint amongst engineering science students, followed by the BE/BSc and the BE/BA. Some students have undertaken a BE/LLB.

For more information about a BE (Hons) Biomedical Engineering conjoint contact

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For more detailed information on BE(Hons) conjoints, see the Faculty of Engineering Handbook.