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Tuition fees

As a student, you will be expected to contribute towards the total cost of your study through tuition fees. When you are calculating how much it will cost to study at University, remember to include your textbooks, accommodation, transport and other living costs.

Fees for undergraduate programmes

The table below shows the estimated tuition fees for 2014.

These fees are for the first year of study in the following undergraduate programmes. They are for domestic students only (New Zealand and Australian citizens and permanent residents). The calculation is approximate and based on a full-time course load of 120 points per annum. Use as a guide only. After you have applied, accepted an offer of a place and enrolled, you can generate a statement/invoice via Student Services Online.

See also: Tuition fees 2014 by faculty (for individual courses)

Tuition fees for undergraduate programmes in 2014

Programme $NZ per year
Bachelor of Architectural Studies 5,886 - 7,181
Bachelor of Arts 5,384 - 6,210
Bachelor of Business and Information Management 5,800
Bachelor of Commerce 5,800
Bachelor of Dance Studies 5,384 - 6,210
Bachelor of Education (Teaching) 5,384
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) 7,181 - 9,085
Bachelor of Fine Arts 6,210
Bachelor of Health Sciences 6,210 - 6,986
Bachelor of Human Services 5,384
Bachelor of Laws 5,800

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - Year 2 onwards (for

Year 1 see Bachelor of Health Sciences)

Bachelor of Music 5,384 - 6,210
Bachelor of Nursing 6,210
Bachelor of Optometry 7,855
Bachelor of Pharmacy 6,986
Bachelor of Physical Education 5,384
Bachelor of Property 5,800
Bachelor of Science 5,384-6,396
Bachelor of Social Work 5,384
Bachelor of Technology 5,799-7,181
Bachelor of Theology 5,384
Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours) 5,886-9,085
Certificate in Health Sciences 937
Foundation Certificate Education 655
Foundation Certificate Tohu Tuapapa Matauranga 655
Tertiary Foundation Certificate 655

In addition to these tuition fees, students undertaking a full-time load of 120 points in 2014 will pay approximately $726 for student services. Part-time students pay a proportion of the student services cost.

Fees for conjoint programmes

Conjoint programme tuition fees will vary depending on the particular programmes you enrol in, but should be within the range above.

Fees for international students

International student fees differ to domestic student fees. Visit the international students’ site for more information.

View undergraduate programme fees for international students

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