Department of Engineering Science

Uttara Nataraj

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Engineering Science (2012)

Photograph of Uttara Nataraj

Business Consultant (2012)
Ernst & Young, Sydney Australia


During high school, my strongest subjects were Mathematics and Visual Arts. As a result, at the end of 7th form I was unsure as to which course in University would best suit my strengths. I finally decided to study Engineering, and in particular Engineering Science as I felt that this degree would allow me to best utilise my forte in Mathematics and apply problem solving skills learnt to a range of industries. Majoring in Operations Research allowed me to study a combination of Engineering and Business papers, where I was able to develop basic business knowledge to compliment my Engineering skills. 

In order to apply the theoretical knowledge I had learnt into practice, I interned at Maruti Suzuki (a large international automobile manufacturing company in India) and The Optima Corporation (providers of innovative optimisation and simulation software solutions for emergency services, airline and health industries). I was also fortunate to publish and present my research conducted during and post my fourth year project at the Operations Research Society of New Zealand Conference in 2010.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in 2010 and am currently working as a Business Consultant at Ernst & Young in Sydney. I sit within the Advisory Service Line of the Business in the Supply Chain and Operations Team. In this role I am part of a team that provides Advisory Services in the areas of Procurement, Business Transformations and Operations Model Redesign to a range of national and international clients. The skills learnt during my Engineering Science degree have proven to be extremely useful across the range of projects I have been involved in to date.

Outside of work I continue to pursue my passion for the Arts through photography, music and visiting art galleries. I also enjoy sports such as running and badminton. Lately, I’ve been struck with wanderlust and hope to pursue my interest in art internationally.