Department of Engineering Science

Mardi Squier

Bachelor of Engineering in  Engineering Science (2004)

Photograph of Mardi Squier

Project Engineer (2005)
DHI Water and Environment, Australia

After school I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but I wanted to do something with international scope where I could apply maths and science to real world applications. It was the fact that Engineering Science taught us to solve a variety of different problems using modelling that really appealed to me, because of the flexibility it offers.

I took my time getting through the degree; including taking some time off and spending 8 months working in Austria. It wasn’t an easy course but I like challenges.

By my final year I decided to pursue computational fluid dynamics. Being able to use computers to solve how water flows in various situations and what implications this has on the environment, structures and communities is something I find really interesting.

In addition to the relevant engineering science papers I took courses in Physics of the Atmosphere and Ocean and Environmental Modelling and did my project in tidal modelling.

I enjoy learning languages and after finishing my BE I spent a semester doing some more papers towards my BA before applying for the job with DHI Water & Environment. DHI is a Danish company, which specialises in water modelling software and consulting, and I have moved to Australia to work in their Gold Coast office.
Some of the projects I have completed include analysing how sewer networks respond to storm events, investigating the ability of various methods to model parallel pipes as an equivalent diameter with the correct head loss, and devising a pump-shutdown strategy to stop flows to the wastewater treatment plant for maintenance work to be carried without spillages.

I am also involved in software support for consultants and local government in Australia and New Zealand. My Engineering Science background gives me a good understanding of what is involved in writing modelling software, and what numerical schemes they use. We contribute ideas of features we want to see developed and get to test new innovations before they are released on the market.

Down the track I want to do postgraduate study, but first I want to get some more experience and work out what I really want to focus on, maybe something in coastal or river modelling.