Department of Engineering Science

Kavinesh Singh

Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science (2002), PhD in Engineering Science (2007)

Photograph of Kavinesh Singh

Risk Analyst (2007)
Mighty River Power


The Engineering Science programme appealed to me as it had a strong focus on applying mathematics to solve real engineering problems, and provided exposure to a broad range of areas – engineering and economic - in which the learnt skills could be practiced and advanced.

The first year of Engineering Science included a field trip that involved touring through few large companies that used concepts taught in Engineering Science, and various team and social activities that were great fun. The field trip set the foundation for good working relationships with staff and other students, and promoted a culture of teamwork and friendliness. This close-knit culture was apparent throughout the degree with groups within the class organising yearly field trips (e.g., skiing, summer trips, etc) and the department organising various social events each semester.

By the end of the bachelor’s degree, I had developed a strong interest in Operations Research - the science of best possible decision making – and decided to specialise in this area by doing a doctorate in Operations Research. The focus of my PhD was on using mathematical optimisation to develop decision-support tools for optimal capacity planning of electricity distribution networks. The work was in collaboration with Vector Limited – New Zealand’s largest electricity distribution company. (I had worked for Vector Limited during summer following the third and fourth year of the degree.)

Job offers were already coming in before I had finished my PhD. I decided to join Mighty River Power as a Risk Analyst. A Risk Analyst identifies threats & vulnerabilities, analyses them to ascertain the risks they pose on the business, and develops ways to eliminate or reduce the impact.