Department of Engineering Science

Engineering science careers

Engineering Science is a globally respected discipline.

Our graduates can be found in many of New Zealand's leading companies including Air New Zealand, Fonterra, Meridian Energy, Navman, Orion, government organisations such as NIWA and Transpower, and engineering consultancy firms such as Beca and Maunsell. Many graduates are also employed in the USA, UK and Europe.

As a graduate, you might be employed in a challenging and exciting position within the engineering, industrial, medical, service or business sector that involves:

  • modelling an optimal production process for a large manufacturer.
  • using your advanced programming skills as a software designer.
  • using your logical thinking and communications skills in a management position.

Graduates who would like to undertake further study can apply to pursue postgraduate diplomas, masters and doctoral degrees.

  • Salah Al-Chanati

    BE in EngSci / BCom in (2013) Tactical Planning Analyst (2013) Fonterra, Auckland

  • Zabin Farishta

    BE in EngSci / BCom in Economics (2013) Masters student (2013) London School of Economics, UK

  • Uttara Nataraj

    BE in EngSci (2012) Business Consultant (2012) Ernst & Young, Australia

  • Jesse Collis

    BE in EngSci (2012) Studying for a PhD in Mathematics (2012) University of Melbourne, Australia

  • Faisal Wahid

    BE in EngSci (2012) PhD candidate (2013) Department of Engineering Science

  • Lei (Oddo) Zhang

    BE in EngSci, (2008), PhD (2013) Software Developer (2012) The Optima Corporation

  • Elke Powell

    BE in EngSci (2004) Systems and Modelling Engineer (2013) Opus International Consultants, Bay of Plenty

  • Mardi Squier

    BE in EngSci (2004) Project Engineer (2005) DHI Water and Environment, Australia

  • James Allard

    BE in EngSci (2003) Operations Research Analyst (2005) Air New Zealand, Auckland

  • Kavinesh Singh

    BE in EngSci (2002), PhD in EngSci (2007) Risk Analyst (2007) Mighty River Power

  • Imee Tribo

    BE in EngSci (2002) Women in Engineering Equity Adviser (2011) The University of Auckland

  • Jarrad Wallace

    BE in EngSci (2002), ME (2004) Design Engineer (2006) Southern Spars, Auckland

  • Justin Fernandez

    BE in EngSci (2000), PhD (2005) Senior Research Fellow / Senior Lecturer (2013) The University of Auckland  

  • Maury Leyland

    BE in EngSci (1995) Associate Director of Strategy and Growth (2005) Fonterra

  • Karen Willcox

    BE in EngSci (1994) Assoc. Prof. of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2012) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

  • Keith Parks

    BE in EngSci (1996) Senior Trading Analyst (2011) Xcel Energy, Denver Colorado, USA

  • Nicolas Smith

    BE (1993) and PhD (2000) in EngSci Dean of Engineering (2013) University of Auckland, New Zealand

  • Jeff Meyer

    BE in EngSci (1986) Head Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, Information Technology (2012) Etihad Airways, United Arab Emirates