Department of Engineering Science

Tessa Paris

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Biomedical Engineering Science (2011)

Photograph of Tessa Paris

Product Development Engineer (2011)
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland


When I was deciding what to do at university I looked at doing Medicine or Engineering. Both fields appealed to me but neither fitted quite right, then I saw a poster for Biomedical Engineering on the wall of my school’s careers room and after a little investigation I was completely sold!

I loved my time in the Department of Engineering Science and especially being part of our close group of Engsci’s and Biomed’s. I really enjoyed the instrumentation side of Biomedical engineering and I was lucky enough to be able to do my Part IV project with the Auckland Bioengineering Institute’s Biomimetics group. My project “Roboshrimp” involved modelling and building prototype designs using a dielectric elastomer “artificial muscle” material. The practical and electrical nature of my project helped me get my job at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare.

I am now a Product Development Engineer in an electronics team that works on developing Fisher and Paykel’s base product – the humidifier. I have been learning lots about electronics, my team are really great with teaching me and they also respect the different skill set that I bring to the team. So far my job includes designing and carrying out electrical tests, making prototypes and developing designs.

It’s nice to have joined the growing group of Department of Engineering Science graduates at Fisher and Paykel. I am really enjoying the working lifestyle, especially having a little more money and time to spend on my other interests such as travelling, food and baking!