Department of Engineering Science

Peng Du

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Biomedical Engineering (BME) Class of 2007

Photograph of Peng Du

PhD candidate (2009)
The University of Auckland

My university experience began with my initiation into the culture of (the faculty of) engineering, which has a profound sense of teamwork both professionally and personally. Many of my undergraduate courses involved working in a team where everyones input was valued, and working as a unit was particularly important.

I was interested in applying engineering techniques beyond the traditional sense, and this led me to choose Biomedical Engineering as my specialisation. I studied both engineering physiology courses which gave me a strong understanding of both advanced computational techniques as well as of the living body.

Armed with the advantages of a multidisciplinary approach, I became involved in projects where we designed blood cell counters, simulated physiological processes and experimented with living tissue.

The decision of doing a postgraduate programme was made with the helpful suggestions and support from the lecturers, who themselves are world class researchers at the Department of Engineering Science and Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

My current PhD project involves measuring and modelling gastrointestinal electrical activity. I had to design custom-built electrodes, setup recording systems, and construct a virtual model based on our experimental data. I am working alongside surgeons at Auckland Hospital to conduct measurements during operations, as well as designing innovative devices to aid the diagnostic procedure of digestive related medical conditions.

The University of Auckland and the Department of Engineering Science supported me with a PhD scholarship and other funds which has allowed me to continue my PhD study and attend multiple international conferences to present my work.