Department of Engineering Science

Matthew Lim

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Biomedical Engineering (BME) Class of 2004

Photograph of Matthew Lim

Research Engineer (2009)
Telemetry Research Limited, Auckland

The diversity of skills and varying topics really sold me on Biomedical Engineering when entering The University of Auckland in 2001. Once started, I particularly enjoyed the instrumentation and measurement components of undergraduate labs, and the design aspects of the assignments.

I was so fascinated by the research components of bioengineering that were introduced in the final year papers, and the Part IV project, that I decided to return and study towards a masters of engineering. The goal of my masters project was to develop a surgical tool for use by neurosurgeons for monitoring brain health during surgery. Its purpose was to reduce tissue damage caused by surgery during procedures such as removal of tumors, and clipping of aneurysms. The best part of this project was using a variety of engineering skills to solve a real medical problem.

Since September 2006 I have been employed as a research engineer at Telemetry Research. The company produces an electronic system for wireless measurement of physiological signals, such as blood pressure, in research animals. This technology is sold into research laboratories in over 25 countries worldwide.

I was a lead development engineer on the blood pressure telemetry system, which was released in 2007. I was involved in initial feasibility analysis and system design. I was responsible for electronic component selection, circuit board design, prototype manufacture, prototype testing and verification, field validation studies, testing and calibration procedures, and production documentation for this system. It was extremely exciting to see the first prototype I had hand built complete beta testing, and very rewarding to see the first system shipped to a customer. Blood pressure products now account for over 60% of sales for Telemetry Research.

I am currently working on a high fidelity pressure measurement system, for which we are collaborating with a US based company, as well as working to reduce the cost and manufacture time of our current telemetry system.