Department of Engineering Science

Laith Hurmez

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Biomedical Engineering (BME) Class of 2004

Photograph of Laith Hurmez

Research Associate, Sports and Performance Technologies (2006)
HortResearch, Auckland

Since completing my Biomedical Engineering degree in 2005, I have worked in the Human Health and Performance group at HortResearch; a place where science, technology and engineering meet sports to maximise human physical potentials.

Our focus within the group is to develop technologies and products for monitoring and improving sports performance in athletes. Under investigation are technologies for measuring various biochemical indicators of physiological stress and performance non-invasively and in real time.

I am currently investigating a new system of longitudinal monitoring in which a small patch on the skin can sample and collect analytes over time. The aim of this work is to obtain a video sequence of data in order to better understand how various biochemical indicators influence health and performance.

Through my thrilling yet very limited experience working in the so called "real world"; I have come to appreciate the quality of education I received from the bioengineering degree. I routinely utilise the skills I gained from my degree; such as mathematical modelling, bioinstrumentation and physiology. The degree has also enhanced my ability to be innovative and encouraged a wider perspective on the limits of innovation; that is, no limits.