Department of Engineering Science

Kieran O'Brien

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Biomedical Engineering (BME) Class of 2004

Photograph of Kieran O'Brien

Researcher (2010)
Centre d'Imagerie BioMédicale / Siemens, Switzerland

I graduated as a member of the first BME class on the 2nd of May 2005. On the 9th May I was in Düsseldorf, Germany starting my first day at work. I had undertaken a junior researcher role in the Skin and Hair Physiology Team at Henkel KGaA, the aim "to cure premature baldness!" This was a far cry from what I expected when studying heart mechanics or digital filtering! But it was not long until I realised where I could contribute!

The BME degree has provided me a strong knowledge base in physiology and biology that ensured the underlying concepts driving biomedical technologies can be quickly grasped. But, I feel the engineering flavour has better prepared me to generate, and communicate the new ideas required to bring these technologies to market. At Henkel, it was the optimisation of the imaging data required to assess the viability of engineered tissue. Now, after having completed a PhD in Bioengineering at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, I am doing the same for a clinical MRI research team in Lausanne, Switzerland.