Department of Engineering Science

Jean Marshall

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Biomedical Engineering (BME) / Bachelor of Science (BSc) Class of 2004

Photograph of Jean Marshall

Product Development Engineer (2008)
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland

I enrolled in a conjoint degree in Biomedical Engineering and Sport and Exercise Science because I saw it as the perfect way to satisfy both my love of sport and solving practical problems. Plus I always wanted to be able to build things.

I really enjoyed how multidisciplinary my degree was. I studied traditional mechanics and mathematical modelling through to physiology, nutrition and psychology. I enjoyed that I was learning skills that I could use to advance the field of health and medicine.

When I graduated, I got a job as a design engineer at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. I work on a team that designs devices for laparoscopic surgery. Because of the knowledge of physiology I gained doing both my Biomedical Engineering degree and Sport and Exercise Science, I have been given a larger role in managing clinical studies than other engineers, and yes I get to build things. My role involves all aspects of the product lifecycle including product design, prototyping, testing, clinical trials and designing production equipment.

My company sells products and runs clinical trials all over the world. There are exciting opportunities to travel and everything I do is aimed at advancing the field of health and medicine.

Fisher and Paykel Healthcare has a strong focus on work life balance and I still love playing netball, mountain biking, snowboarding and just getting outside.