Department of Engineering Science

Jared Broad

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Biomedical Engineering (BME) Class of 2006

Photograph of Jared Broad

Partner (2010)
Implementing Partners Consulting, Chile

After completing my BME degree, I started at Infact Limited, a Christchurch based innovation engineering company developing a range of commercial products including "Container Scan", a hand-held tool which 'sniffed' the contents of containers being unloaded at New Zealand ports to determine the chemical make-up of its contents. This project was aimed at ensuring the security of New Zealand biodiversity.

After a brief stint travelling, I worked in Myanmar for a European Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) doing health related humanitarian relief in disaster affected regions of Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis in 2008. This was hugely rewarding and challenging work spurring my passion for humanitarian works. My background in Biomedical Engineering helped me as a project manager of a new hospital constructed in the Tin-Gan-Kone village. When I was based in Yangon I developed a GIS mapping system for monitoring and controlling the spread of disease, after a disaster, using real time data from project sites.

Seeking further challenges, I started a NGO consulting business with a partner in 2009 called Implementing Partners Consulting (IPC) aimed at reducing NGO inefficiency and short-cutting bureaucracy during times of crisis. The company's first major contract developed the software "Prolog" to automate the requirements of donor organisations; cutting time spent signing purchase orders and enabling the field teams in Myanmar. Since then IPC has worked with Oxfam, UNHCR, UN HABITAT, Malteser and Caritas in four different countries to contribute to expediting crisis response.

More recently, I've been living in Chile developing financial modelling software called It aims to harness the markets to raise funds for humanitarian projects. The project is growing slowly and has computer controlled investments trading live today. The modelling experience from Biomedical Engineering was vital in this project, and at one point I even resorted to digging up some old mathematical modelling study notes!

BME has been a diverse and powerful background, applicable to dozens of different requirements I've faced in the last three years. From re-wiring a cargo ship at sea to dealing with medical supplies or predicting the direction of the stock markets, Biomedical Engineering prepared me for the world!