Department of Engineering Science

Biomedical engineering careers

Our students have gone on to pursue a wide variety of career options, including academic research, employment in industry, in hospitals, in research facilities, and in government regulatory agencies. Meet some of our graduates and read about their careers.

  • Sarah Milsom

    BE Hons in BME / BA in French, (2013) Associate Consultant (February 2013) Laurence, Evans and Koch (LEK), Sydney, Australia

  • Tessa Paris

    BE Hons in BME (2011) Product Development Engineer (2011) Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland  

  • Vignesh Kumar

    BME, Class of 2009 Product Development Engineer (2011) Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland

  • Nirukta Patri

    BME, Class of 2008 MS student and Research Assistant (2010) State University of New York, USA

  • Ram Parameshwar

    BME, Class of 2008 Clinical Research Associate (2010) Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland

  • Ian Kim

    BME, Class of 2008 Biomechanical Engineer (2010) Heartflow, Silicon Valley, USA

  • Mohit Bajaj

    BME, Class of 2008 Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery (MBBS) student (2011) University of Queensland, Australia

  • Kate McCreary

    BME, Class of 2007 Consultant (SI&T) (2011) Accenture, Australia

  • Peng Du

    BME, Class of 2007 PhD Candidate (2009) The University of Auckland  

  • Mark Finch

    BME, Class of 2006 Research Engineer (2010) Auckland Bioengineering Institute  

  • Jared Broad

    BME, Class of 2006 Partner (2010) Implementing Partners Consulting, Chile

  • Sarah Thompson

    BME, Class of 2005 Research Fellow (2009) eBonz / ABI, Auckland

  • Kim Noakes

    BME, Class of 2005 Project Researcher / Coordinator (2009) Crosslinks, Netherlands

  • Kieran O'Brien

    BME, Class of 2004 Researcher (2010) CIBM / Siemens, Switzerland

  • Jean Marshall

    BME, Class of 2004 Product Development Engineer (2008) Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland

  • Laith Hurmez

    BME, Class of 2004 Research Associate (2006) HortResearch, Auckland