Department of Engineering Science

Study options

Our Engineering postgraduate programmes are designed to respond to the needs of those aspiring to both academic and practising careers. If you are interested in doing postgraduate research or study at the Department of Engineering Science, you are able to do so through the following programmes of study.

Postgraduate Diploma in Operations Research
This is a taught based programme offering advanced specialist training in your chosen field.

Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering
A wide-spectrum course-based programme designed to provide an advanced technical or management foundation and industrial perspective.

Postgraduate Certificate in Geothermal Energy Technology
Aimed at giving engineering and science graduates training in geothermal science and engineering.

Master of Engineering Studies
This is a taught masters degree. It is available in non-specialised areas and a number of specialisations. 

Master of Operations Research
This degree provides an opportunity for advanced study in this field through supervised research and involves a thesis.

Master of Engineering
A research degree involving a thesis. A research topic is agreed and relevant background reading is needed before being admitted.

Master of Energy
Consists of course work and research with options to concentrate on particular energy types or a wide range of topics.

Doctor of Philosophy
A programme of extensive, advanced study and independent research that is carried out under qualified supervision.

Research area examples
Examples of research areas you could be involved in are outlined in the potential supervisor list.