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Student IT essentials

Here you'll find everything you need to know about IT services and support and resources available to students in the Department of Engineering Science.

Department labs

The department has three computer labs for undergraduate computing:

1. Engineering Science or EngSci lab 439.433

2. Biomedical Engineering or BME lab 439.427

Each have 35 computers running Windows7 and Linux. Both are both departmental labs and are equally available for all Part II, III and IV undergraduate students enrolled in either of the department’s degree programmes.

During teaching weeks, the labs will be booked for scheduled classes, as shown on sheets attached to the lab doors. During booked class times please do not enter the lab unless you are in the class running.

Each lab has separate corridor access, which should be used at these times (rather than the door between the labs). At other times you are welcome to use any of the computers for study-related activities (which precludes the playing of games –unless the games are part of your assignments!).

3. 439.329 is a dedicated room for Part IV students, which contains 18 computers and a printer, as well as study space.



These facilities are for the use of students of the Department of Engineering Science only.

Monday to Friday - 7.30am-10pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - 6am-7pm

You will need your proximity card for access to the labs outside of working hours (8am-5pm, Monday to Friday)


Printers / Scanners

Each lab has a Ricoh printer, which can be used for printing, photocopying, and for scanning documents and sending them to your email.

To date, the department has been able to offer printing in our three undergraduate labs at no additional charge. The understanding is that you only print your material, related to your courses. We can only continue this practice if you respect this understanding. You can use CAPS printing to print anwhere in the Faculty of Engineering by swiping your ID card and selecting the required print job.

Other printers (that you pay for via Net Account) are available for your use in the Information Commons.


File Storage

You have two places that you can store files.

  1. A home drive (mapped as H:) hosted on Faculty of Engineering file servers.
  2. An account in the main university “electronic campus”(ec) which can be accessed from the IT Commons.

You can connect to your home drive from off-campus using NetDrive - information on how to do this is available at


Do not save files to the local drives of the Department of Engineering Science lab computers. Only files which you save to your H drive will be backed up by the ITS. We ask that you keep your H drive “tidy” and only keep files there that you need for your current courses.

There are USB sockets on the side of the lab monitors for students who find it convenient to use flash drives.


Course resources

Course resources may be loaded to CECIL (accessible through the main university homepage, on the department web server or on a shared lab server drive (mapped as T:).



Lecturers and administrative staff will be sending you emails throughout the year. These will be addressed to your university email address ( and so you should regularly check this via the Webmail link on the main university website OR ensure that your university email address is forwarded to the address that you do use regularly.

These messages may be addressed to students enrolled in particular courses or to mailing lists maintained within the department of all students in certain parts of our degree programmes.


Lab rules

These rules are for your protection, and that of the lab facilities. Students who do not comply, and/or misuse lab accounts, and/or abuse the printing system may have their lab access suspended.

  • No food or drink in the labs.
  • Your password / lab account is for your use only.
  • Your proximity card is for your use only.
  • Never leave your computer unattended while you are logged on.
  • Never leave your computer logged-in and running processes while you are not in attendance.*

* IT support staff may log you out if other users or classes arrive needing that computer.


Lab etiquette

Your behaviour impacts on others, as that of others impacts on you. Following the lab rules is an excellent start to a pleasant working environment for everyone.

Along with the rules goes a general responsibility to use rubbish tins and recycling bins where appropriate, and to leave desks and chairs tidy for the next user. Do not wedge open any lab doors or obstruct passageways, fire extinguishers etc.

The labs are air conditioned during working hours, and there is a button for after hours air-conditioning. While every effort is made to ensure that the rooms are the right temperature, if there is a problem, please report it to the IT support staff.


IT support staff

The computer staff are located in the room next to the EngSci lab (439.435). They can also be contacted by phone on ext 88108 or by email to

Please note, this list is moderated. Emails sent from and addresses will go direct. Other addresses such as, etc will have to go through moderation first, and may be delayed.


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