Department of Engineering Science

Engineering Science course electives

The list of courses below are suggested electives based on the previous choices of Engineering Science students.

If you would like more advice on choosing your electives please make an appointment to see the Engineering Science Course Adviser. All courses offered by other faculties (ie anything with a code outside the Faculty of Engineering) will require an enrolment concession approval.

Note: Some prerequisites and timetable clashes may be waived by the Course Adviser on a case by case basis.


Part II electives

  • COMPSCI 225 Discrete Structures in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • COMPSYS 202 Object Oriented Design and Programming
  • MECHENG 211 Thermofluids
  • MECHENG 222 Dynamics
  • MECHENG 223 Machines and Mechanisms
  • PHYSICS 201 Classical and Thermal Physics
  • PHYSICS 213 The Geophysical Environment
  • SOFTENG 211 Software Engineering Theory
  • SOFTENG 251 Object Oriented Software Construction
  • STATS 208 Data Analysis for Commerce
  • STATS 210 Statistical Theory
  • STATS 255 Introduction to Operations Research

Part III electives

  • Any Stage Three STATS course (Except STATS 391, which is restricted against ENGSCI 391)
  • BIOMENG 341 Bioinstrumentation and Design
  • COMPSYS 302 Design: Software Practice
  • COMPSCI 367 Artificial Intelligence
  • ENGSCI 309 Image and Digital Signal Processing
  • ENGSCI 344 Modelling and Simulation in Computational Mechanics
  • ENGSCI 355 Applied Modelling in Simulation and Optimisation
  • MECHENG 322 Control Systems
  • MECHENG 325 Dynamics of Fluids and Structures

Part IV electives

  • COMPSCI 720 Advanced Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • MECHENG 711 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • MECHENG 712 Aerohydrodynamics
  • MECHENG 726 Acoustics for Engineers
  • SOFTENG 701 Advanced Software Engineering Development Methods
  • STATS 722 Financial Mathematics