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Sahan Wasala


Sahan Wasala




Dr John CaterDr Stuart Norris (Mechanical)


Title: Numerical analysis and aeroacoustic simulation of trailing edge noise from wind turbines

Abstract: There is a strong need to accurately predict the aerodynamic noise emitted by wind farms, and to generate noise reducing design concepts. Wind turbine noise has mechanical and aerodynamic origins. Mechanical noise is caused by gears and bearings. Mechanical noise has been reduced considerably with the evolution of wind turbine and is becoming less of a concern. Therefore, this project focuses on aerodynamically generated noise, in order to reduce the overall noise from wind farms.

Wind turbine blade manufacturers are interested in small modifications of turbine blade geometry and their influence on the aerodynamic noise. It is now necessary to develop models that take the correct blade geometry into account.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a useful tool to numerically simulate complex flow and aerodynamic noise for engineering applications. However, CFD still remains computationally expensive for large-scale simulation and especially while predicting far field noise from wind turbines. Thanks to increasing processing capabilities of cluster computing, we are much closer to accurate large-scale numerical simulations.


Research areas

  • Aero-acoustics
  • Computational fluid dynamics


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