Department of Engineering Science

Signal processing

Specialising in developing signal processing strategies for applications by adapting current models of signal processing techniques.

Research areas

We specialise in the development of signal processing strategies for applications in:

  • Neuroscience
  • Speech modelling & synthesis
  • Cardiovascular image processing
  • Mobile telecommunications
  • Geothermal and geological applications.

For these applications, we employ and adapt the signal processing techniques of:

  • Time-frequency analysis
  • Linear & nonlinear signal analysis
  • Neural networks
  • Wavelets
  • Independent component analysis
  • Finite element deformable models.


Academic staff

Photograph of Dr Charles Unsworth

Dr Charles Unsworth 
Signal analysis, nonlinear dynamical systems, artificial neural networks, wavelets, independent component analysis, neuroengineering

Postgraduate students

Photograph of Hamid Abbasi

Hamid Abbasi 
PhD thesis title: Early prediction of perinatal brain injury in the EEG using wavelets and artificial neural networks

Photograph of Brad Raos

Brad Raos 
PhD thesis title: Controlled three dimensional growth of human brain cells in hydrogels

Photograph of Luqman Bachtiar

Luqman Bachtiar 
PhD thesis title: Automatic odorant detection with artificial neural networks

Photograph of Sepideh Rastin

Sepideh Rastin 
PhD thesis title: North Island seismic noise characterization



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