Department of Engineering Science

Fluid dynamics

Advancing our understanding of flow phenomena through mathematical, computational and experimental means.

Research areas

The Fluid Dynamics Group within the Department of Engineering Science conducts internationally-recognised research in a number of different areas, which include:

A Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of flow through an offshore wind farm
  • petroleum engineering
  • geothermal fluid dynamics
  • microfluidics
  • acoustics, turbulence
  • convection in porous media
  • biofluid dynamics
  • environmental fluid dynamics.

The group is committed to advancing our understanding of flow phenomena through mathematical, computational and experimental means, and applying that knowledge in beneficial ways through close contact with industrial partners.


Complex Fluid Dynamics laboratory

This new laboratory, operated by the Departments of Engineering Science and Mechanical Engineering, is situated at the Newmarket Campus. Here, we use state-of-the-art high speed lasers and stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry along with Rheometry to investigate properties and behaviours of a wide variety of fluids, from the contents of a cow stomach to aerosols and foams.



Academic staff

Photograph of Professor Rosalind Archer

Professor Rosalind Archer 
Petroleum; environmental fluid dynamics

Photograph of Dr Richard Clarke

Dr Richard Clarke 
Microfluidics; biofluid dynamics

Photograph of Honorary Associate Professor Don Nield

Honorary Associate Professor Don Nield 
Convection in porous media

Photograph of Dr Sadiq Zarrouk

Dr Sadiq Zarrouk 
Geothermal engineering (two flow, scaling, power production & direct use); reservoir engineering (geothermal & coalbed methane); modelling reacting flows in porous and fractured media

Photograph of Dr John Cater

Dr John Cater 
Aero-acoustic; turbulence; respiratory modelling

Photograph of Professor Mike O'Sullivan

Professor Mike O'Sullivan 
Computer modelling of geothermal fields; environmental fluid dynamics; computational fluids dynamics

Photograph of Dr Vinod Suresh

Dr Vinod Suresh 
Biofluid dynamics

Photograph of Dr John O'Sullivan

Dr John O'Sullivan 
Computational fluid dynamics; turbulence modelling; modelling wind flow

Professional staff


Photograph of Pavel Sumets

Pavel Sumets 
PhD thesis title: Modelling post-capillary venules

Photograph of Tet Chuan Lee

Tet Chuan Lee
PhD thesis title: Developing constitutive laws for the endothelial glycocalyx layer

Sibylle Van Hove

Sybille van Hove
PhD thesis title: Modelling airflow in patients wearing respiratory therapies

Photograph of Tet Chuan Lee

John Storey

Photograph of Michael Gravatt

Michael Gravatt
PhD thesis title: Modelling the collective behaviour of model microorganisms

Photograph of Tharanga Jayathungage Don

Tharanga Jayathungage Don
PhD thesis title: Mechanical modelling of lymphatic drainage from the interstitial space