Department of Engineering Science

Course details

Courses in the Department of Engineering Science are targeted at areas in biomedical engineering, engineering science, and mathematical modelling. Courses are available to be taken as electives by students outside of our department and faculty.

Depending on the programme of study, specialisation, or area of interest, there are courses delivered by other departments/faculties that are either required or elective.  See the list of course details from outside this department.

Some possible course combinations are available on the Study Tracks pages, for Biomedical Engineering Part IV, and for Engineering Science Parts II, III and IV.


Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Students should refer to the University of Auckland Calendar for up-to-date information on course and programme requirements. The following links contain course descriptions relevant to each stage of your programme:
Undergraduate students may also utilise the Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Handbook if they're seeking information on courses that are available each year.