Department of Engineering Science

What is engineering science?

Engineering scientists are problem solvers. They use their intellect and advanced computing and mathematical skills to find better solutions for many aspects of our daily lives.  The key feature of engineering science is the use of advanced mathematics and technology to solve real world engineering, business and industrial problems.

Engineering scientists are becoming increasingly important to modern society as their understanding of science, mathematics and computing underpins how everything operates around us. Engineering science equips students with the knowledge and means to provide answers relevant to the real world, for example:

  • How can a forest be managed to make a profit while still remaining environmentally friendly?
  • How can a sail be designed to work in low wind conditions?
  • What prices should be charged for airline tickets to maximise the revenue from a given flight?

These are all questions an engineering scientist can answer by using the power of computers, mathematics and human intelligence. They are in high demand as their skills can be applied to an extremely broad range of everyday problems.

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