Engineering Science graduate admitted into MIT

13 June 2016

Michael Kapteyn, who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) specialising in Engineering Science, has received his admission letter into the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

His life as a graduate student at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics will involve working towards a Master of Science for two years, which he sees as a possible pathway into a PhD. There, Michael wishes to “push the boundaries of space exploration and transportation”.

While he’s currently undecided about his research area, he hopes to be involved to some extent with Engineering Science alumna Professor Karen Willcox’s Aerospace Computational Design Lab, or Professor David Miller’s Space Systems Lab. Either way, he’s immensely grateful for the opportunity to work alongside MIT’s incredibly talented faculty and students.

He added that studying at the University has certainly prepared him for his future, and looks forward to proudly representing his alma mater and department – “Engineering Science has opened up a world of possibilities for me. Studying in the department has introduced me to modern engineering problems, and equipped me with the knowledge and tools required to solve them. In addition, the research opportunities I’ve been given have provided valuable experience and have helped push me to think both critically and creatively.”

MIT Professor Karen Willcox states, "Michael is an outstanding student. His undergraduate work in Engineering Science will serve him well as excellent preparation for our graduate aerospace engineering program at MIT. I am very much looking forward to working with him at MIT in the fall.”