Department of Engineering Science

Farewell to a founding father

16 July 2014
Associate Professor Mervyn Rosser
Mervyn Rosser

Mervyn Rosser co-founded the Department of Engineering Science with Cecil Segedin in 1963.  They both left the Department of Mathematics to form what was then the School of Engineering’s Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.  

Mervyn passed away in his sleep on 13 July 13, after a short period of hospitalisation.  The Department extends condolences to Mervyn's family and friends. Mervyn's funeral will be held at 2pm on Friday 18 July at Mt Albert Methodist Church.

As part of the Department's 45th anniversary celebrations in 2008 Andrew Pullan and Mervyn Rosser wrote the history of the Department in the book "TAM to DES and beyond in 45 years".  In the foreword of the book, Andrew said “While Mervyn himself freely admits he is advancing in years, on many levels he is ageless. He certainly looks the same to me as when I first met him some 24 years ago. Time also has not dulled either his wit or his memory. Whereas I only knew students back to the late 80s, Mervyn could name all the early students, and would often have a story or two to tell about them.”  

Mervyn was awarded the NZ Order of Merit in the Queen's Birthday Honours in 2006 for services to tertiary education and the community.  Mervyn was highly regarded as a lecturer, and was the former Head of Mathematics at Mt Albert Grammar School.  His legacy will live on it department's commitment to high quality teaching.


The photo of Mervyn (right) was taken in 2008 by Godrey Boehnke as part of the Department of Engineering Science's 45th Anniversary celebrations.