Part IV Projects: Engineering Science Event as iCalendar

17 October 2017 - 18 October 2017

Location: Conference Centre Lecture Theatre, 22 Symonds Street

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The Part IV project is a time-consuming, albeit enriching and essential experience for final year students. They spend almost an entire academic year to focus on their topic of interest, which will be presented over this two day event. Come along and experience what the final year Engineering Science students have learned so far and wish to share with you–there will be presentations, posters, and more. This event gives them a taste of communicating with a wider audience and is open to all, so feel free to bring parents and friends.


Presentation schedule

Tuesday, 17 October

Time Student Title
Session 1: Chair - Andrew Mason
8:00 Cassy Osokin The dynamic relationship between intracranial pressure and arterial blood pressure
8:15 Georgiana Carpenter Breathing for Dummies
8:30 Timothy Wang Measuring the acoustic properties of the vocal tract
8:45 Montanna Bowyer Attack heart stiffness
Session 2: Chair - Richard Clarke
9:00 Nick Waddington Design Optimisation for Multi-Material 3D Printing
9:15 Cameron Apeldoorn From Bayes to bootstrap
9:30 Michael Pawley It pays to have a spring in your step: …
9:45 Shannon Leota Skinny knees: women are at risk of knee ligament injuries 
Session 3: Chair - Thor Besier
10:00 Alexander Chan Detection and mapping of conduction block dysrhythmias
10:15 Tabitha Manson How do structural changes in the blood vessels of the uterus …
10:30 Daniel Kulasingham* Determining skin optical properties from diffuse optical measurements
10:45 Mehak Janjua* Linear locomotion
Session 4: Chair - Rosalind Archer
11:00 Dylan Dong Investment in batteries for electricity reliability
11:15 Russell Stewart Electric buses for Auckland
11:30 Naomi Stuart Evolution of Traffic in Auckland
11:45 Jesse Prendergast Crowding effects in public transport
Session 5: Chair - Michael O'Sullivan Jr
12:00 Daniel Hassall Improving Crew Rosters in the Airline Industry
12:15 Holly Smith Electric vehicle routing
12:30 Se Eun Jeong Is it possible to monitor nausea using biosensors?
12:45 Stephen Creamer Quantifying the Efficiency of Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery
Session 6: Chair - Mark Battley
13:00 Callum Ferguson Anticipating the forecasting error of renewable energy infeed in SW Germany
13:15 Jonty Oram Classification of athletes' motion from sensor data
13:30 Ching Ke Computational modelling of diabetic cardiomyocyte function
13:45 Alan Ansell Short-term modelling of electricity prices in New Zealand
Session 7: Chair - Poul Nielsen
14:00 Louis Ashton Duck graphs for NZEM
14:15 Eyob Zewdie Binary Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming
14:30 Jemma Simmonds Stochastic supply-chain modelling in Julia
14:45 Liam Young Cogito ergo ludo
Session 8: Chair - Andrea Raith
15:00 Bhashini Balendra* Pelvic-floor pressure profiles
15:15 Karina Sum Investigating the effect of the micro-anatomical structure …
15:30 Shahaanan Arulgnanapragasam Modelling Bacterial Warfare
15:45 Eric Yang Cellular Automata Systems for Modelling Communication Between Biological Cells
Session 9: Chair - Mike O'Sullivan Snr
16:00 Greg Cross Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles
16:15 Pierre Berton Using Molecular Dynamic Simulations to Design Tiny Valves
16:30 Callum Herries Automatic detection of heart structures
16:45 William Zhi Piecewise linear pricing of electricity offers in the NZEM
Session 10: Chair - Martyn Nash
17:00 Alistair Newcombe* Stretching light
17:15 David Wu Help my body is killing me! 
17:30 Nadun Palmada CFD modelling of flow in a cell adhesion chamber
17:45 Isadora Labra Odde Protein breakdown outside the cell – from spectroscopy to a cellular model
18:00 Jayden Long A new model of a secreting salivary duct


Wednesday, 18 October

Session 11: Chair - Tony Downward
8:15 Bridget Velasco Going for the Jugular
8:30 Christine Sy Simulating the Systemic Circuit
8:45 Jack Cassidy Inflatable soft robots
Session 12: Chair - Andy Philpott
9:00 Kevin Wu Developing In-road IPT Technologies for Low-Emission Transport
9:15 Kelly Siew Improving bone strength assessment with fabric tensors
9:30 Hugh Blackburne Vehicle routing for on-demand product delivery
9:45 Kayne Deng Tourism Analytics: A Recommendation Engine for Visitors to NZ
Session 13: Chair - Vinod Suresh
10:00 Jamie Green Climate Adaptation: Planning and Response
10:15 Alex Hammon Energy requirements for Auckland's growth
10:30 Robin Laven Modelling the Interaction Between Human Lower Limb and a Servo …
Session 14: Chair - Golbon Zakeri
11:00 Kandarp Dalal NZ legislation network analysis
11:15 Ivan Pavlov Optimisation Approaches for Project Allocations
11:30 Charlie Norton Investigating booking for radiology at North Shore Hospital
11:45 Christina Lin Applying Social Network Analysis to investigate cultural evolution of bird song
Session 15: Chair - Bryan Ruddy
12:00 Tim Bennetts Supply Chain Modelling and Optimisation for BBBYO
12:15 Tim Hight Analytics Tools for Construction Management
12:30 Muyang Gao Simulating Orderly Transit Services at North Shore Hospital …
Session 16: Chair - Iain Anderson
13:00 Henry Whelan The Deliver and Collect Problem with Priorities for Census 2018
13:15 Dylan Budler The Meshblock Sequencing Problem for Census 2018
13:30 Guy Hermanoche Big Data and Analytics to Identify Missing Māori Beneficiaries
13:45 Elizabeth Cheng Analysing regional activation patterns in patients with atrial fibrillation …
Session 17: Chair - John O'Sullivan
14:00 Xiaohang Fu The possible mechanisms behind new-onset atrial fibrillation in patients  …
14:15 Jackson Beagley Develop models for evaluating 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive
14:30 Brendan Ross Optimizing the Allocation of Earthmoving Equipment
14:45 Misha Garg* Optimising impact performance of automotive floor panels …
Session 18: Chair - Richard Clarke
15:00 Cheryl Jiang Strategic Facility Management for Auckland Council
15:15 Oleg Barbin Improvements in Water Resource Planning
15:30 Timothy Gray Hot water due to Alpine Fault earthquakes?
15:45 Alexander Catalinac How stiff is the breast?
Session 19: Chair - Cameron Walker
16:00 Kevin Choi Scanning for skin surgery
16:15 Jerome Swannack Drugs brought to life
16:30 Debbie Zhao How to inject a poison

* This is a closed session