A matheuristic for liner shipping network design with transit times Event as iCalendar

(Engineering Science)

18 February 2015

2 - 3pm

Venue: Room 439.G10, UniServices House

Location: Ground floor, 70 Symonds St

Host: Dr Richard Clarke

Contact email: rj.clarke@auckland.ac.nz

A Department of Engineering Science seminar by Dr Berit Dangaard Brouer, Postdoc, Department of Management Engineering, Technical University of Denmark.

Dr Berit Dangaard Brouer


The liner shipping network design problem is concerned with the design of a set of cyclic routes for container vessels to transport multiple commodities.

The liner shipping network design problem has been studied by several authors and a matheuristic approach is presented in Brouer, Desaulniers and Pisinger (2014) with promising results.

Networks optimised for cost lead to solutions with a very high capacity utilisation, generally low average speed to reduce fuel consumption of vessels and routes with significant detours for single commodities in order to achieve a high load percentage on vessels. Although carriers aim for a network with high utilisation, such a network might not provide competitive transit times for the customers. In Karsten et. al (2015) it can be seen that networks optimized for cost only, cannot meet competitive transit times for 10-20 % of the total demand.

Our current work concerns extending the liner shipping network design problem with transit time restrictions. We present a reformulation of the reference model from Brouer et. al(2013) to consider transit times for each individual commodity. We will present a matheuristic with an integer program used as a large scale neighborhood as its core component. Finally, we present results for LINER-LIB 2012 with transit time considerations.

Co authors: Guy Desaulniers, Christian V. Karsten and David Pisinger.

Dr Berit Dangarrd Brouer