Line Planning in the Scope of Integrative Public Transportation Planning Event as iCalendar

(Engineering Science)

25 February 2015

3 - 4pm

Venue: Room 439.201

Location: Level 2, UniServices House, 70 Symonds Street

Host: Dr Richard Clarke

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A Department of Engineering Science seminar by Jonas Harbering of the University of Goettingen, Germany.



This talk aims to highlight the main problems that arise within the public transportation planning area. In particular, new ideas for research lines in this area are presented. As an example for such a new perspective, a line planning problem is discussed. Usually, line planning is meant to determine the line routes and the frequencies of operative lines. In the presented model, using a column generation approach, the paths of the passengers are also predicted. The aim is to find path-line combinations which guarantee low numbers of transfers for passengers. Transfers of passengers are usually a main reason for knock-on delays. Thus, by finding lines with few passenger transfers the effect of delays is limited. The model, even though on the line planning stage, aims to provide a good basis for potential delays and hence integrates the line planning and the delay management problem.