Seminar: Engineering our health information: getting it right with openEHR Event as iCalendar

29 April 2015

3 - 4pm

Venue: Room 439.201

Location: Level 2, UniServices House, 70 Symonds Street

Host: Dr Richard Clarke

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A Department of Engineering Science seminar by Dr Koray Atalag, of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute and the National Institute for Health Innovation.


Dr Koray Atalag


We still find ourselves filling out pages of repetitive forms when we face the healthcare system and you might be among the majority wondering why IT has not really transformed the way healthcare services are provided. Unfortunately, while there have been many advances in biomedical informatics in terms of new diagnostic modalities and advances in surgery, robotics etc, getting what is seemingly the bare basics - our basic medical information - where and when we need it doesn’t seem to be happening. In this seminar I will walk you through the wickedness of dealing with health information and then introduce a scientifically robust methodology and industry strength engineering specifications to tackle the problem - openEHR. It follows the software engineering paradigm of Model Driven Architecture and can be used to develop clinical information systems or provide the means to normalise legacy data and link up with computational models. We will also look at information modelling examples, including the New Zealand Cardiac Registry, which could be a valuable source of trustable and actionable data for research.