Part IV Projects: Engineering Science Event as iCalendar

22 September 2015 - 23 September 2015


The Part IV project is a time-consuming, albeit enriching and essential experience for final year students. They spend almost an entire academic year to focus on their topic of interest, which will be presented over this two day event. Come along and experience what the final year Engineering Science students have learned so far and wish to share with you–there will be presentations, posters, and more. This event gives them a taste of communicating with a wider audience and is open to all, so feel free to bring parents and friends!

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Visit the Engineering Science Part IV Projects page for more information on their significance. You can also download the brochure for this year's event below. The following is a list of this year's projects. 



2015 Engineering Science Part IV Projects

Student Project Title Supervisor
Adams,Thomas Elliott Speeding Up Cyclic Roster Generation at Waitemata DHB Michael O'Sullivan, Walker
Adiga,Rishi The fluid mechanics behind the Tesla turbine Clarke, Anderson
Adnan,Abdul Syakir Fakhri How the small intestine tastes food Suresh
Alshami,Fatima Ammar Exploring how symmetry and symmetry breaking during neuronal cell death effects synchrony in the Kuramoto model Unsworth
Aruldasan,Mirendra Leenus Optimal Booking Management for Vehicle Rental Companies Raith, Mason
Beavis,Elise Ana Improving Wind Flow Models for the Chatham Islands John O'Sullivan
Bennet,Emily Xiu Li Modelling permeable pavement John O'Sullivan, Mike O'Sullivan
Boesley,Quinn Joseph Powering fully implanted heart pumps Budgett, Leung, McCormick
Bollen,Andrew Geoffrey Microfinger Nielsen, Taberner
Boyens,Thomas Fraser Predicting bone growth following hip implant surgery Fernandez, Besier, Zhang
Caldwell,Sam Malcolm Travel-time incentives for electric vehicles Philpott, Raith
Chan,Chuen Miniaturized Medical Manufacturing Ruddy, Taberner
Chen,Mei Making the Most of an Echocardiography Examination Wang, Nash, Hussan, Young
Chen,Melody Young Passive properties of the failing heart LeGrice, Nash, Sands, Young
Chen,Ying Economic viability of waste heat recovery from NZ industries Downward
Cheng,Angus Wang Hong Mechanical properties of the infarcted heart Wang, Nash,Young
Chow,Jamie Analytics of congestion in electricity systems Zakeri, Pritchard
Cleland,Isaac David Benchmarking the Allocation of Virtual Machines Michael O'Sullivan, Walker
Cunninghame, Duncan Partial Inhibition of Palmar Hyperhidrosis Taberner
Dawes,Joshua Ross Alexander Understanding the effects of EV adoption on the NZ electricity Market Zakeri, Pritchard
Fernandez,Hazell Franceisca Characterising the muscle/bone interface of the pelvic floor muscle using novel imaging techniques and computational modeling Kruger, Fernandez, Thambyah
Hargreaves,Thomas Hugo Benchmarking Virtualisation Approaches to Computer Labs Michael O'Sullivan, Walker
Hay,Daniel Gordon Uncovering Meaningful Patterns in Longitudinal BigData Michael O'Sullivan, Walker
Herath,Dhanya Using isolated heart muscle cells to study diabetic heart pathology Mellor, Loiselle
Hillas,Lisa Catherine Aoki Game fishing Philpott
Ives,Nina Jane Coding and data mining anaesthetic records Cumin, Suresh
Jackson,Toby Edward Modelling Breathing Support Performance in Sick Patients with CFD Cater, Spence
Kampshof,Liam George Characterising ventricular fibrillation during regional ischaemia Nash, Larsen, Zhao
Kapteyn,Michael George Soft-sensing using micro-devices Kelly
Kathirgamanathan,Bahavathy Modelling Muscles Nash, Nielsen, Wang, Taberner, Cheuk
Krzyzosiak,Wojtek Nicholas Models of geothermal geysers Mike O'Sullivan, John O'Sullivan
Lakshmanan,Nitya Kalyane Mathematical modelling for carbon monoxide exchanges between the human fetus and mother Ho
Lane,George Joseph Computer model of the Waitemata Harbour Mike O'Sullivan, Croucher
Laugeray-Cleaver,Olivier Eric Gilbert Resource allocation in social development Philpott
Lim-Yip,Ryan Patrick Modelled anaesthetic delivery system Cumin, Suresh
Lin,Oliver Daniel Real-time measurement of jet penetration in gels Taberner, Nielsen, Ruddy
Lou,Yichen Scheduling police court appearances Downward, Mason
Luiten,Jonathon Tyler Deep Belief Networks for Odor Prediction  Unsworth
Lynch,Rory Francis Modelling and predicting upper arm movement strategies Besier, Mithraratne, McMorland
Moorhead,Ashton Alan Energy cycles Nielsen, Budgett, Taberner
Munoz,Lysea Chan Modelling fatigue fractures in the tibia Besier, Fernandez, Zhang
Park,Aaron Han Modelling Horizontal Impact Noise Criteria Cater, Kelly, Finley
Pedersen,Belinda Rose Benchmarking Acute Surgery Scheduling Michael O'Sullivan
Philipsen,Jonathan Martin Efficiency of NZEM Hedge Instruments Downward, Zakeri
Pradhan,Prutha Predicting Acute Surgery Duration Michael O'Sullivan, Walker
Prendergast,Michael Philip Playing with BabyX - Integration of Sensorimotor Modelling of Causative Actions and a Shared Virtual Display  Sagar
Priest Forsyth,Ella Rose The smart grid: distributed generation and demand response Downward, Zakeri
Qian,Anna Spreading of possums in the Waitakere Ranges Mike O'Sullivan, John O'Sullivan
Qiu,Siyu The oculus rift as a tool for vision testing and exploring eye clinic data. Turuwhenua
Randles,Hayden William Roboworm Nielsen, Taberner
Shahin,Ola Improving aid mission planning and evaluation through analytics Downward, Raith
Sturgess,James McInnes micro-Particle Image Velocimetry Long, ChungLim
Su,Shan Composite helicopter modelling Cater, Heatley
Sun,Patrick Robust portfolio optimization Philpott
Thomas,Simon Melville Franklyn Towards Mindcraft Alpha Jawed, Sagar
Ting,Yew Heng Jason Measurement of eye movements using low-cost consumer hardware for diagnostic purposes Turuwhenua, Gant
Trengrove,Matthew James Slip, slop, slap Denier
Wang,Alec Ming-Ren Development of RF coil for MR imaging of animal inner ear Thorne, Nielsen, Plumat, Pontre
Windsor,Michelle Esther Multiple-Particle-Tracking-Micro-rheology for Measurement of Internal Cell Forces Long, ChungLim
Wong,Jan Hui Strategic delay of capacity reduction in electricity markets Philpott, Zakeri
Yu,Hao Bo Modelling Segmental Anatomy of the liver using OpenCMISS-Zinc Ho
Zhu,Karl Mingshuo Structuring Data for Injury Prediction in Professional Sport Michael O'Sullivan, Walker