Controlled three dimensional growth of human brain cells in hydrogels Event as iCalendar

(Engineering Science)

05 February 2015

11am - 12pm

Venue: Room 439.201

Location: Level 2, UniServices House, 70 Symonds St

Host: Dr Richard Clarke

Contact email:

A research seminar presented by Brad Raos, PhD candidate, Department of Engineering Science.


In the in vivo environment cells experience cell-cell/cell-matrix interactions and complex transport dynamics for nutrients and waste. These intricate signals, which guide the growth and function of cells, are lost in standard flat Petri dish cultures.

The difference in 2D and 3D culture techniques is exemplified by the complex branches morphology that in vivo astrocytes exhibit, which is lost in flat cultures. For example, astrocytes in vivo show highly complex spatially and temporally independent calcium dynamics in their process networks.

Three dimensional cell culture aims to replicate the salient features of the in vivo environment, providing a simple yet still physiologically relevant functional in vitro model.

In this talk, I will  present data on the growth of human NT2 neurons and astrocytes in 3D hydrogel matrices and detail issues surrounding the evaluation of calcium dynamics in these cells via fluorescence imaging assays.